Improving Your Content Marketing: Which Writer Should You Hire

Content Marketing

One of the primary challenges of a content marketing or business owner in 2020 is creating fresh content. In fact, a study suggested that more than 65% struggle with coming up with entirely new or original content. Moreover, more than a half of all business owners struggle with making enough time to create content. Which is why many companies and brands lack in delivering content on time.

However, few types of writing services available in modern time, which can help many businesses and marketers. Whether one wants to make a Wikipedia page or create blog content, these writers can make the life of a business owner easy. However, one needs to understand how many types are there and what services do they offer. Here are some of the most common writers available:


A scriptwriter is a fundamental player of multimedia related content. Whether you want scripts for an animated video or a general direction of visual content, this type of writer is the emissary of your brand’s central idea. Creation compelling content is in the core of this particular type of writer. Moreover, they ensure that your visual content has the most solid and in-depth story. Hiring a scriptwriter is essential in helping your brand’s visual content grow.

SEO Content Writer

Perhaps the most important factor in any content taking off in the online market, SEO does not only guarantee exposure, but results as well. Given that, you conduct this part thoroughly. However, an SEE content writer deals with creating compelling content while optimizing it for maximum results. Moreover, SEO writers are professionals who understand the intricacies of online world, so hiring them adds a certain flare to your content.

Moreover, SEO experts or writers deal with extensive research and they can help you in more than one way regarding your content. They optimize your content and make it friendly enough for it to garner your brand wide exposure.

Social Media Writer

Social media writer is a brand journalist for you on all social mediums. This includes not only catering your social media outlets with friendly and interactive content marketing, but also interact with your social media users, aka customers. That is why social media content requires you to be friendly and informal at times. That is when social media writers can help you with content required as well as the strategy for it.


The most skilled bunch of the lot, ghostwriters have all the talent and skill requires covering any and all areas of writing. Their expertise stretches far beyond one tone, voice or type of text required. More importantly, their experience and ability regarding writing fiction helps them imagine things far beyond the comprehension of an average writer. Which is why, ghostwriters do not only add credibility to your name, but also help you create a name for yourself in the online market. Their astute approach and wide area of expertise proves vital in creating content marketing of any kind and for any platform. 

Technical Writing

You have a product or service waiting to launch, but you are coming short on writing attractive descriptions. What do you do? Gain the help of an expert. Considering the expertise of a technical writer mainly deal with writing technical content, they can provide you a myriad of benefits in terms of professionalism.  Their skills can simply even the most intricate of usage or how-to directions regarding a product or service.

Moreover, their ability in writing short but brief sentences is unmatched. Because of the nature of their writing, technical writers are able to tackle all topics and provide vital information in short amount of text. Their service in regards of a product or service are as follow:

  • Writing user manuals
  • Writing guides and FAQs
  • Instructions
  • User-end manuals
  • UI & UX related information


These are some of the most important type of writers available. Not only do they make your task easy, but in some cases, they take it upon themselves entirely. Which is why many companies and brands around the globe have their designated writing teams. Content requires expertise, and following are some of the best options available.

Nancy Yates is a passionate writer, tech-savvy, and gamer. She holds bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering. At times when Nancy is not busy searching for the latest tech trends, BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and more, she can be found looking for stance automotive and performance upgrades.
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