What is the role of business cards in the modern world?

business cards

Living in such a dynamic environment with the influx of new technology in the blink of an eye, you cannot predict the trends of society. Business cards that were once used on a large scale by entrepreneurs to build contacts, showcase their line of business, give a face to their brand are now slowly losing their demand.

Rise of social media platforms like LinkedIn and the most used invention of technology smartphones have taken over tangible business cards. Many believe that the old-fashioned business doesn’t work anymore while a few others advocate for its influential power.

Following are some of crux points because of which business cards are almost considered dead.

1. Instant Information Exchange is rapidly replacing business cards

The main purpose of business cards was to exchange information. Now if you want to collect a contact’s information to sell services, you can easily do so by asking for their email and sending them a message within a fraction of second.

2. LinkedIn can help you find your leads faster

It just takes a few clicks to find an executive on LinkedIn and add them to your network. All contacts can be maintained digitally. Looking for business cards received a few months back can be tiresome as well as time-consuming. Now, all you need is the name and the company to re-establish a connection.

3. Interactive video cards are also in the picture

Filming a brief video clip using interactive buttons and creative tools can provide a better insight into the enterprise and your key differentiators. They look more appealing and innovative than outdated cards.

Though LinkedIn and other social networks have an edge over business cards, hundreds of thousands of people especially in the US prefer to use business cards even today.

Following are some of reasons why business cards are not dead.  

1. Business cards are now Digitized

As times are advancing, everything is getting digital and business cards have also pitched in with the trend. Since physical cards are limited to face to face meetings, you can also create a digital business card to send to your clients in the digital network. Since the entire world is rapidly moving to a work-from-home setup, digital business cards come in really handy.

2. Cards are still quickest way to Exchange Information

The best advantage of the business card even today is that they enable a quick exchange of information at events, conferences, and other networking opportunities. For developing initial connection cards are the most appropriate way, however, there should always be a follow-up via email or social media to enable things to go smoothly.

3. Nothing could replace the physical touch

Business card is an physical reminder of who you are. It can also be spark a memory of the time and place you met, distinguishing yourself from others. You can connect with persons on social platforms but its cons are you instantly get lost amongst the thousands of other followers.

4. The master strategy for in-person networking

Few people still consider cards to be far more professional than email for conducting a face to face meeting and having a lasting impression on prospective clients. An email as well as a contact list can be lost from your device in the spur of a moment but cards will stay in your wallet for years. Afterall, there’s a reason why about 27 million business cards are printed daily!

5. Creativity is still respected

A business card, is also considered as the first tangible impression of your organization, and it is much more personal than email or LinkedIn invitation. In fact, unique business become a part of word-of-mouth promotion and help to expand the customer base.

6. It is a medium to show your brand style

Just like before purchasing a product we look at its packaging, a client looks at the business card to develop an idea about the Brand and Style of the company. Business cards can help you to elevate your look among competitors.

7. Physical actions accompanied by the cards is remembered

Redundancy is how humans communicate. While exchanging business card with someone, we get involved in a physical act of connection like using our hands, making eye contacts, facial expression, etc., which creates an impact which LinkedIn would otherwise fail to do.

All these reasons mentioned above advocate for the massive influence of business cards which is still up and running. There are certainly some reasons that say otherwise also, but the list of benefits is a clear win-win!

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