Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management

It really does not matter that you are a big businessman or having a small business. Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is best for everyone who is running a small or big organization.

Because managing perfectly the previous contracts of the lifecycle is important. A CLM is important for automating and streamlining the contract processes of key stages.

The CLM helps to manage the lifecycle contracts of key stages. The key stages may include authoring, initiation, negotiation, executions, workflow, and the renewals of contracts. So, due to this busy life, it might be difficult for you to manage the lifecycle contracts without using a CLM.

So, using perfect contract lifecycle management software would be very helpful and time-saving for both buyers and suppliers. It helps both to reduce the errors and to avoid any kind of miss-commitments.

The best contract lifecycle management (CLM) software is always designed to be capable of providing great visibility into corporate spending. It will be perfect for creating more efficiencies for contract processes with lower administrative expenditures.

Why you will use a CLM?

There are many benefits of using contract lifecycle management. It will save you from spending too much time and from too much effort for accomplishing complex tasks. This can make your business life very easier by performing the following tasks:

  • This will standardize and control the contracts.
  • It will automate and accelerate your CLM from start level to end level.
  • And It will manage the IP licenses, internal and external agreements.
  • It will manage your procurement and sales contracts.
  • This will strengthen your contractual and regulatory compliance.
  • It is also capable to create a new contract on the basis of pre-approved templates and legal clauses.

Everything You Need To Know About Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract lifecycle management is one of the most important key points to consider for an organization. Perfectly management of contracts of this organization can increase the performance and goodness of impression.

It might be difficult for an organization to manage its contract lifecycle during the key stages. But a CLM can be very helpful for this management. A good CLM will be 100% capable to standardize and control the contracts. It will renew the contracts also using the pre-approved templates and legal clauses.

It makes it easy for you to store your contacts in a completely secured central repository including role-based security. Using a CLM you can easily standardize the language of your contracts through pre-approved clauses and templates.

The strategy of a CLM alerts about the customer requirements, stocks, and every associated element of the company. It works better for fulfilling the customer needs accordingly and timely. It alerts through reminders about important contract dates, terms, and milestones.

Here are some important things to know about contract lifecycle management. If any organization is going to use CLM software then it should consider and understand these important things about it. It would be beneficial for any organization to understand the following key points.

CLM Number:

The CLM number is a 4-digit number. It is used to define draft or final modifications with the use of a serial range of 0001-9999. Only 1 numbering structure can be active at a time in the operating unit for a particular CLM document style.

CLM Tools:

There are three main tools of almost every CLM. The names of these CLM tools are IBM Rational DOORS NG, IBM Rational Team Concert, and IBM Rational Quality Management. These are the basic tools of almost every CLM through which it works for a specific organization.

The first tool is specifically used for requirements gathering and management. The second is used for project planning, SCM, and build management. While the third and last tool of CLM is especially used for test management activities.

CLM Software’s Prices:

Usually, a low-cost CLM software starts from $60 for a single user on monthly basis. While a high-cost CLM software can cost a maximum of $780 on monthly basis. It is little bit difficult to define the exact prices without knowing the exact number of contracts and users.

The correct prices are generally determined by the number of contracts. But it can be easily estimated if you know the exact number of contracts you will have to create and store in the software. The exact number of users is also needed to define the exact price.

Important Stages Of CLM:

There are 7 main stages of contract management that almost every CLM software is used. These are the important stages of contract lifecycle management. The names of these stages are mentioned below:

  • Planning stage.
  • Implementation stage.
  • Pre-contract stage.
  • Handover stage
  • Contract stage.
  • Pre-renewal stage.
  • Post-contract stage.

Benefits Of CLM:

It is a quick way to manage the lifecycle contracts. The CLM solutions increase the efficiency of contract management processes. It helps legal, finance, procurement, and professional sellers to speed up the contract management processes.

This contact management quicker by leveraging sourcing and supplier information efficiently. It performs the activities very quickly. By storing bids, negotiated prices, supplier’s information, and contract terms and conditions in a central digital repository.

Features of a Best CLM Software:

Every organization need an accurate CLM software that would be capable to meet the requirements of the company. So, the characteristics and features of a CLM software can be different from each other. But the most common and necessary features that almost every company expect from a CLM software are mentioned below:

  • Security standards.
  • Document info.
  • Authoring.
  • Powerful document management.
  • Secure internet or cloud based.
  • Workflow for approval and notifications.
  • Integrated contract repository.
  • Perfect document versions.

Elements Of Contract:

First, the contract should be legal according to the Government defined rules and regulations. When a contract is legally binding. It will have at least four essential elements namely an offer, an acceptance, an intention for creating a legal relationship, and a consideration that is mostly money.


If you have read this interesting and informative article then I hope now you have enough knowledge about contract lifecycle management (CLM). Contract lifecycle management is necessary for almost every small or big organization. It helps to maintain your business as well.

I hope this informative article about contract lifecycle management will be considered by you to run your business effortlessly. Thank you.

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