3 Offbeat Website Development Features that can Make it Function Flawlessly

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Young entrepreneurs have to come up against odds to start a new business. But this is the easy part of sustaining any business in the market and making it successful is the real deal. If you can look up at the stats related to small businesses and startups each year, almost half of them fail to go past the first year. And over 90% of them fail within 1-3 years. 

The above stats are startling, to say the least, but offer a wealth of information for the budding businessman. One of the most important aspects of coming up with an e-commerce ready website is the development part. The design aspect is somewhat easy as there are many software and tools available which can make anyone work on it with a basic concept about design. But development is not something that easy.

Website development is critical as it can be termed as the basis for the survival of a website. Things can go downhill very quickly if the development path is not taken seriously. The following are the top three features in the concern that can make your website work efficiently and effectively towards the goal. 

1. Making All Pages Work

A website Development is a complete package that a company has to offer to its customers. While the landing page and the home page are something that requires more attention, you need to think about Every page making the same impact. This is important because when you focus all your attention on just the two pages, all the other pages will lack the zing that is required and not many people will be attracted towards them.

Think about making every page work just like the home page and landing page. To make this happen, emphasizing the content apart from the graphic design is vital. Talking about the headline, it is all that you need so that you can have a go at it. Make a headline that can work for you instantly because one or two seconds is all that you will get to engage a first-time visitor. 

A Compelling Copy

A compelling copy is required that can make an instant impact. The ideal length of the headline needs to be 6 to 12 words. Don’t try to go overboard or come up with just three to four words. Take the 6 to 12 rule seriously, and you can succeed in making a website work in your favor. For lead generation and making a person stay on your website, a headline can make all the difference.

An interesting headline can make a visitor stay on a website for a longer time, even if he was trying to leave. Work your way to all the success through good copywriting and will succeed in your effort. Don’t expect that you will get in the results from day one but after some time and putting up hard effort, things will start to fall in place. 

2. USP and One-Liners 

Related with content and heading is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that you have to highlight. You may be selling products that hundreds and thousands of other businesses are also trying to market but think about that one feature that makes you stand apart. Even if you don’t have A USP, you have to make your visitors know that you can still offer something that other companies are not offering.

Through smart one-liners, you can make your product work in your favor. Your customer must be able to see your USP not only on the homepage but also on all the products pages. Every visitor on your website knows that you are not an ordinary company and offering a product that is a dime a dozen. You are offering a premium product to them, which is of high quality and your USP, and the one-liners will further do the trick. 

If you think that this is a difficult task, to list down the features of your product then pick one which you think is the best. Then try to mould the USP and one-liners around that feature and make it look the part. Always remember that apart from web design and development, the marketing aspect plays a huge role in the success of any product. That’s why a good USP and clever one-liners are what can make the difference in your eventual success. 

3. Make Your Website Look and Feel Clean 

A clean and good-looking Website Development attracts a visitor even if the design is not out of this world. When talking concerning web development, this is something worth considering. Even from the design aspect, this is one feature that can make a difference. This feature can turn your ordinary page into something that is admired by the visitors to no end. You can always get in support of a web development company for the best results. 

A clean and clutter-free website is one of the basic requirements to make it optimized and work faster on the internet. We all know that the speed of a website is one of the most important features for its success. If the visitors are not able to use the website effectively or have to wait for several seconds so that page can be loaded, almost all the visitors on your website will leave for good.

Impeccable Web Design and Development 

Smart design and development can make your website just like a thrilling movie, with not a single boring moment. If your visitor starts to wonder where should I go next and what to do to find the information about the product, this is a negative factor that everyone must avoid. Irrespective of its nature of the product and the audience it wants to cater to, it is crucial to create a functional specification document before starting the website design and development process.

Ensure that everything displayed on your website is simple and easy to understand. Not many websites that we go through offer a flawless experience for us, as many websites fail to entice us. A website is not something where you have to mention every service or feature of the product you are selling.  It is about using the website’s space smartly so that everything can be displayed for the convenience of the visitors.  

Final Word

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