Tech Geeks Must Aware of the Laptop Trends in the Market: Processor to Graphics Card

Laptop Trends in the Market

A Tech Geek must aware of the latest Laptop Trends in the Market. Are you a tech geek and follow what all happens in the tech world concerning laptops? If yes, then you should know that every year, laptop tech trends move by a small margin. Although small, the shift is significant enough to make a difference in the long run.

For example, you can see less number of laptops being shipped with the resolution smaller than Full HD, and it is a noticeable thing in the market. Let’s see the latest trends that will drive the Indian market in this post. Read on!

1. Thin and Light laptop size is the new norm

The market is seeing an unprecedented response for the Thin and Light category models. A large number of laptops seem to be using the 8th Gen Core U-Series CPUs of Intel solid-state drives for power conservation and speed benefits. The Ideapad range from Lenovo laptops is one of the best examples in the Thin and Light category.

2. Convertible gaming desktops are coming

The CES 2019 has already seen a large number of hybrid gaming machines that were earlier a combo of a laptop, gaming desktop or a folding convertible. It would be worth mentioning Asus ROG Mothership that was one device that may detach from its setup. Acer Predator Triton 900 is one of the best options in this case. The Indian market is seeing more such gaming hybrids in 2019 and the future.

3. NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics will adorn laptops

NVIDIA’S RTX 20-series of GeForce is now replacing the GTX 10-series cards with ray-tracing capabilities. The trend will be in favor of more gaming laptops and desktops, which will be equipped with GeForce 20-series from NVIDIA. Even Thin and Light laptop models with the gaming cards as discussed will become a new normal. If it talks about graphics generally people experience that most of the models from Dell laptops come with good graphic quality.

4. Machines with Full HD Resolution will rise

A large number of laptops under Rs.40,000 mark are now available with Full HD display, especially in the 15.6-inch size, a category where the display size is big. It is wide enough to ask for a higher pixel count. You are bound to see more laptops in 2019 loaded with a display with resolution reading 1920 x 1080 pixels.

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5. Slimming bezels are in

If you have witnessed the size of a smartphone these days, you must have observed how the bezel-less screen is the new norm such as WaterDrop, DewDrop and more. Even in the laptop category, bezels have been becoming a new trend. The same is expected to continue in 2019. Asus is now increasing the size of the laptop by making its laptop’s bezels thinner. It is also making the body of the laptops more compact on the new ZenBook Series.

6. The market may see 17-inch laptop sizes may rise again

For a while, it was being expected that 17-inch laptop models were losing their fame. However, the CES of 2019 seems to be hinting another way. LG’s Gram is a laptop with a 17-inch notebook weighing only 1.3 kilograms and is surely going to be a trendsetter.

7. OLED displays on flagship notebooks are coming up

HP had announced its Spectre x360 with an OLED display at CES 2019. The future will be seeing more flagship-grade notebooks getting launched with OLED displays. OLED displays come with a wide viewing angle and excellent contrast levels. And the same is being considered for gaming.

8. 9th Gen Intel Core processors will be ruling the roost

Intel has always been at the top of its game for so many years when it comes to processors in desktops and laptops. Yes, AMDs have also been around for some time, and it keeps coming with diverse series of processors. But, it is Intel that has been edging past AMD, and it seems that the scenario will be the same even in 2019. Intel announced its 9th Gen Core series CPUs in CES. At the time, no laptop company announced that they would be bundling laptops with Intel. But, after having said that, laptops with Intel 9 processors are expected to be launched by the end of 2019.

9. Fingers in the login screen will be giving way to Face

A large number of laptop models from Asus such as Asus ZenBook are ditching the conventional fingerprint scanner with IR Face recognition system. It may be because Windows Helio works seamlessly with both security methods. Face IR system security also frees space on a laptop, and it will be surely the next thing becoming common in laptops.

You are now aware of the latest trends that have and will sweep the Indian market in 2019.

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