How to Develop a Killer Content Strategy for a Startup with No Budget

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Marketing is an essential aspect of every business. Where successful enterprises spend much of their revenue in marketing and content strategy each year, business startups have a limited budget to market their way to their success. 

Marketing is not all about establishing an online presence or making the right choices, but about being creative with limited resources and make investments delivering better returns. Small businesses understand the importance of content marketing and make informed decisions to boost their online presence and attract customers to the business. 

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In order to succeed, here are some tips for creating a killer content strategy on a tight budget. 

1. Set your goals

Setting goals is essential when strategizing a marketing plan. You must understand what you are trying to achieve so you can focus on what you have to do to accomplish them. From building brand awareness to boosting audience engagement and lead generations, there are many objectives that your content strategy needs to nail down. 

Brand awareness is not built overnight. You need to put in time and effort in strategizing your marketing plan to achieve the goals through various marketing elements. Increasing website traffic means creating content which is engaging for the audience visiting your website. 

2. Research your competitors

Being a startup, you may already know all about your competitive businesses. However, knowing about your audience is not enough; you need to understand their marketing activities and what they are doing to make it better. 

Take a look at their website, and social media activity to understand the type of content they use on their marketing strategy. Take a look at how frequently they are producing new content and consider their audience’s feedback and comments to make yours better. Investigate what they share on social media and what content is engaging more customers to their brand. The tone of the content also matters, along with the tactics they use to generate content. 

The more research you do, the better chances you have to avoid mistakes. Dive in to exploiting the weak factors of the competitors and use it to benefit your brand. 

3. Find your customers

Which platforms you use to deliver content is as important as the content you create to engage the customers. That means before you deliver the content, you need to understand where your customers are more likely to see it, especially when it comes to social media. 

Your product might appeal to different demographics, and your main job is to develop content that appeals to each demographic rather than trying to wrap it up by developing one-size-fits-all content if your research reveals several websites that your audience visit, you can get in touch and ask if they accept guest articles. If you have excellent writing skills, you can get the article published at no cost while delivering your message to the audience. Alternatively, if you are too busy to produce content, you can always take advantage of third party writing agencies or freelancers to do the job. For example, most entrepreneurs fail to create a Wikipedia page for their brand. They hire Wikipedia page creation service to write content to be published at the platform. 

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