7 web development tools every blockchain developer should know to grow their stack

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Suppose you are living in the 24th century and you have given a chance to remember the 21st century then the technological advancements will always be one of the top things to remember. The web development tools in this timeline are currently staying in their peak form. The latest technologies are taking place to enhance the entire web experience for the users.

If you are really into the web developer thing, then the scope is really high today. And if you are in the blockchain field then the future is bright but tricky as well.

What is blockchain?

It is basically the latest piece of tech that is storming the technology world from the last 2-3 years. The blockchain technology is basically used in case of transactions and all. Online transactions are happening every second. The number is increasing significantly too.

The online world is not the safest place for any monetary instance. Blockchain here plays a key role in safeguarding each and every transaction with its innovative technology.

How it works

The entire transaction process is divided into blocks. The blocks carry every bit of information on the transaction record. These blocks are then connected with each other by a chain to carry the information of multiple transactions.

The blocks and chains are highly protected by encryption. So, there is no need to worry about the security issues in the blockchain technology.

If you are running a website and it consists of transactions then blockchain technology is something that you must opt for.

Here are 7 top web development tools you must know to become a successful blockchain developer to become a top digital marketing company in India.

  1. Mist

It is one of the popular blockchain development tools used worldwide. Implementing smart contracts is one of the tasks that need to be performed in the blockchain development process. Mist is the ideal tool for it.

It also sends transactions and stores Ether. If you are an Ethereum developer then Mist will serve the right purpose for you.

The Ethereum blockchain is mainly used in the test network. Developing daps is a significant task where you can use Mist to get the 100% effective result.

You can start working on Mist on your browser but first, you need to have knowledge of the Ethereum network. You need to make sure the Ethereum network stays alive all the time and Ether is mainly responsible for that.

  • Solc

As a blockchain developer, you need to write the code in the Ethereum chain. You need a solidity compiler for that and Solc serves just the right purpose for it. In fact, Solc is the abbreviation of the Solidity compiler.

The Ethereum nodes demand Solc implementation on a very high number. You need to do an offline compilation too on several occasions.

You can decide on two networks –

web3.eth.compile.solidity to compile the solidity files with the help of nodes.

solc.compile that doesn’t require external codes.

  • Blockchain Test net

It is an ideal blockchain developer tool to create a new dap with the help of Ethereum. You can also start a new chain using the Blockchain Test net tool.

A related test net plays a key role in blockchain development. You can use this tool to make it happen. For using the real dap, you may need a system that works as a substitution. Blockchain Test net offers that substitute system.

  • Tierion

The bitcoin blockchain is a very popular network among the blockchain developers as well as among the audience. A verified database is a requirement of any process of blockchain development. That is the area where Tierion serves a great purpose.

Adding data to blockchain development distributed ledger is a must-do process. Tierion offers API and plenty of developer tools for that.

Chain Point is an open standard developed by Tierion. It records data and generates receipts containing valuable info. You don’t have to depend on intermediaries.

  • Coinbase’s API

It is one of the popular blockchain developer tool used widely in the world. This is the blockchain developer tool ideal for integrating the bitcoin mechanism.

You can develop a bitcoin application easily. Not only that, you can integrate Bitcoin in many existing apps. You can develop something new from a wide range of data.

It offers several mobile SDKs and multiple client libraries. These are the useful tools of any blockchain developer.

You can create bitcoin portfolios, wallets, addresses. With the help of Coinbase’s API, the selling, buying, sending and receiving bitcoin worldwide become convenient.

  • Baas

It stands for Blockchain as a service. Talking about blockchain developer tools and the name Microsoft will not come – this combination is really impossible. Microsoft Azure is the developer of Baas.

As a blockchain developer, you need to develop dapps in the proper environment. Baas helps you to create dapps in a more cost-effective (cheaper) and secure way. The Baas environment supports multiple chains like MultiChain, Storj, Augur, Eris.

With the help of Baas, you can launch Blockchain easily without any hassle.

  • Embark

Embark is basically a framework for developers. It is mainly used for the Ethereum dapps. You can develop, create, or implement dapps easily. Not only that, you can implement an html5 app without server easily with decentralized technologies.

It allows developing new and latest smart contracts to make it available on the platform of JS code. It may require some changes in the middle of the development process. After making the changes, Embark will automatically update the contracts to the related dapp.

Here are the top 7 web development tools for every blockchain developer.

Becoming a successful internet marketing services India and to grow the stack of yours – you may need to use the help of a blockchain developer tool. This is the ideal list for you from which you can choose the suitable blockchain tool according to your purpose.

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Blockchain development is not so easy process and it is rather complicated. The steps that are needed to perform are complex too.

With the help of the right blockchain development tool, you can increase your stack by using these web development tools.

So, choose the best tool from the list and finish the work with great blockchain development.

Best of luck!

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