6 Best Sites like PrimeWire Watch Free Online Movies in 2020


We all know that there is no particular life span of movie streaming sites. Despite being a short span, some site seems to be immune to many online problems and livelong just like Primewire. The Prime was considered to be among the best streaming site the world has ever seen.

Unfortunately, with a hostile takedown, your favorite Best Romantic Movies is no more. There were some issues with the primewire site, so it took a few days off from the market to look for the problem. But after its return, it was seen that its contents were replaced by malicious ads. This resulted in the downfall of one of the veteran streaming sites.

After the takedown of the primewire, other streaming sites started their hard work to take its place.

Will highlight some of the primewire alternatives that you can consider.


If you are talking about veteran streaming sites that putlocker is one of them. Putlocker is one of the oldest active streaming sites out there in the market. Some of the users also believe that if compared putlocker would have easily surpassed primewire.

Putloker have an outdated design that makes people think that it is not worth their time. You will be able to know putlocker value only after using it. Putlocker has one of the largest databases in the streaming industry. Search for anything, and I am sure that you will get something out of every search.

Putlocker has more than enough content to satisfy every audience. In addition, all the contents are stored in arranges folders and files. You can also enjoy all the new movie trends.


Solarmovies are a new addition to the streaming industry. Even after being a new streaming website, it surely knows how to capture audiences’ attention. Soloarmovie has an exquisite design that intrigues the audience. And to back up its appearance, it has integrated various features that make their audiences happy.

Solar movies make it easy for audiences to choose their desired content. Solarmovies have IMDB ratings that help the audiences with their preferences. In addition, solar movies are not picky about their content quality. So there will be times when you will be able to CAM releases right next to the high-quality content.


123Movie is one of those streaming sites that gain recognition after the shutdown of the primewire. 123Movie is also one of the best sites, but it has spent most of its years living in the shadow of Primewire. So, now the primewire is not anymore, people are acknowledging its credibility and potential.

123Movie is the new generation streaming site that is embedded with the new Webdesign, is supported by the keyboard shortcut keys, and have multiple mirrors and proxy servers to serve audiences all over the world.

However, there is one flaw with the website, that it, this website is full of ads. With every page you open, you will be placed in front of the ads. Some of the ads are skippable. However, some of the ads you need to watch so that you can get access to the content you want.


Popcornflix is known for its design and the configuration of its content. The web design of this streaming site is as simple as it could be. This site is super clean and fresh that makes the audiences love to visit this streaming site.

The other factor that makes popcornflix attractive it that it keeps its content in a highly configurated way. All of its contents are are categorized and stored accordingly. This makes easy for the user to find the relevant content faster.

Popcornflix almost has every category that you can ask for.


Niter is yet another free streaming site that is growing in popularity after the takedown of primewire. Niter is the most simples site that you can come across in the streaming industry. Niter believes that most of the people watch movies on the streaming site during night time. Therefore it has designed its website with a black background. So that the light affects your eyes less at night.

The best part of this site that it provides a community forum where you can discuss about the movies that they have recently watched. You can even ask a suggestion for your next movie. The niter response is proactive, so you are bound to be responded back within a few minutes of your comment.


Primewire was the undisputed champion of the streaming site industry that has ruled for many years. But at end, it suffered the same fate as the other streaming sites. In this article, I have handpicked some of the best streaming sites that come close to primewire. Some of them are even better than primewire.

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