Impact of Marketing Influences on Consumer Perception

Marketing Influences

In mid-June 2019, Kuwait’s Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) launched the fifth-generation (5G) networks of telecommunication companies. The launch was in line with CITRA’s vision of developing the country’s telecommunications sector to keep it abreast of the current technological advancement of telecommunications (Pujol, Manore & Jaffal, 2019).

The application of this service is hoped to speed up the internet connection to make it reach great lengths. Nonetheless, the market is already saturated with marketing strategies, and there is a very stiff competition when it comes to finding the best approach to market tech products and services such as 5G. As a result, many entrepreneurs and companies are resorting to celebrity endorsements and other people with more exposure who can advertise their products.

Marketing Influences on Consumer decision Making

According to Sharma, Verma, Sundriyal, and Chauhan (2014), the 5G network has some key product features that distinguish it and make it superior to the previous generations’ networks. Some of these features include high data rates and faster coverage at the cell edge, reduced power or battery consumption, improved security from hackers, 1Gbps data rate, in addition to access to all other services of the internet such as the Web. Some of the features noted such as reduced power consumption and speed, will reflect on the overall price and costs associated with the use of 5G, which will further Be Marketing Influence consumer’s positive perception. Thus, measured against the long-term cost implications of usage, the price of 5G, which expects to be relatively higher than previous generations, will not matter significantly.

According to Sulaiman, Yusra, and Ismail (2017), internet use has grown to cover all aspects of people’s lives and purchasing is one of those that have been transformed to become online. They add that companies and businesses had no other choice other than to adopt the evolution in the market.

How Marketing Influences on Internet

The introduction of the internet has made information accessible. It has also rendered other operations redundant while introducing new functions which have greatly improved people’s lives all over the world (Sulaiman, Yusr & Ismail, 2017). Consequently, internet usage has rapidly expanded for social purposes, academic research, and shopping, among other functions. Online purchasing hence offers several advantages. First, it is attractive to both customers and sellers.

It also facilitates consumers’ buying procedures, such as providing more information regarding a product and its availability among vendors. A potential buyer is also able to compare prices of stocked goods to get the best one just by the use of a smartphone (Sulaiman, Yusr & Ismail, 2017). As such, one saves time and affords them conveniently compared to traditional shopping which had its limitations such as squeezing through crowds, long queues at the cashier counter, fighting for parking spaces as well as impulse buying. 

Esmaili et al. (2017) argue that loyalty is one of the essential marketing tools for every type of business. The loyalty ratio is one of the extent indices to achieve a marketing strategy goal. The authors aver that brand loyalty plays a vital role in developing brand equity because of its ability to keep a loyal customer base as well as its importance in expanding customer loyalty to other products by the same company.

Advantages of Marketing Influences on Consumer

Other advantages of brand loyalty in advertisement include reduced marketing prices, bringing in new clients, more business penetration and higher resistance of loyal Marketing Influences consumers to rival firms. Giving the example of tourism in the Iranian city of Khalkhal, they claim that trip satisfaction to the destination creates loyalty in foreign tourists (Esmaili, Rezaei, Abbasi & Eskandari, 2017).

This is reflected in their habit of visiting the city again and again. They also suggest the destination to other visitors. Consequently, the positive experience of tourists regarding the services and other products offered during their visit has had a practical impact on word of mouth marketing to their friends and relatives to visit Khalkhal.

In terms of value, Kuwait is emerging as a center of businesses preferred by global organizations, with many of them establishing operations there. However, Kuwait lies within an area prone to the risk of cyber-terrorism. There is thus an incentive to invest in a secure network in the form of 5G to help alleviate the fears.

Also, promotion for 5G in Kuwait is expected as the country is considered to be a regional logistics and communication hub. It is one of the most technologically open lands in the GCC, meaning that the 5G network will be widely embraced. On the other side, 5G presents some risks associated with its use. For example, Russel (2018) argues that since 5G is likely to emit higher levels of radiofrequency radiation, public health and environmental implications will be expected. Yet, research is still ongoing to define the extent of these effects and institute appropriate countermeasures. 

Final Words

In conclusion, a marketing mix is a practical approach to influencing how consumers perceive a company’s brand in terms of perceived value and risk. Some of the studies done on the methods of marketing by other scholars include the impacts of online marketing and brand loyalty in influencing the purchasing intentions of customers. Concerning the 5G launch in Kuwait, this study proposes to investigate how celebrity endorsements can change the country’s citizens to either buy or avoid embracing it. This is an area that is, however, to get adequate academic research in the country.  

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