Coding has gained prominence over the years. From your computer and smartphone to your microwave oven, everything requires programming to operate. The future of programming and coding is evident. Therefore, now would be the right time to get your child into the world of coding, especially if they are interested in it. But, how can one get a young child into learning programming? It can seem rather challenging. However, rest assured, here are some tips and hacks to help teach your kids coding right away.

Interacting with Applications

Parents often completely ban screen-time for children, despite knowing that various similar devices surround the generation. Preventing kids from having some intuitive screen-time is like teaching someone to drive without using a vehicle. Utilizing your tools and gadgets productively, alongside some limitations, is crucial. Possibly the best resource for indulging the young engineer in the realm of programming and development are the coding applications. These apps are tailor-made for children, incorporated with exciting STEM features that will undoubtedly boost your child’s skills.

It allows children to learn the fundamentals of programming, such as creating loops. These applications are free-to-use and accessible through your average browser. Moreover, CodeMonkey has made programming for kids more effortless than ever before. Your child will be en-route to becoming a professional coder in no time with access to several intuitive coding games. Numerous coding websites integrate sophisticated yet straightforward game concepts that even non-coders can find interesting.

Hands-On Toys for Future Coders

Coding is an art that is not limited to the use of computers and applications. You can introduce your child to toys that offer technical insight, enabling them to use their intellect and creativity. Interestingly, such methods may seem pointless, but in fact, your kids will be learning to code without even knowing it. Numerous toy companies and stores are offering a similar variety of items. For instance, the Crawly Creatures toy by LittleBits proves to be a fantastic toy for teaching kids about circuits. Another incredible object includes the Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar by Fisher-Price. It resembles a robotic caterpillar designed explicitly for teaching commands, coding blocks, sequences, and arrays.

Bits & Bytes is a beginner-friendly card game that requires no prior knowledge of coding. However, as the child plays the game, they educate themselves with the basics of coding. Continuing, toy-kits like Edison Robot tend to keep our youngsters engaged in productivity, motivating them to learn to program.

Online Learning Platforms

Utilizing online resources is possibly the best way to introduce your kids to the world of programming. Many platforms offer quality content for learning to code. Ranging from games to online courses, the site helps students and coders from across the globe. The initial stages of the games may seem relatively easy. However, after making some progress, the child’s skills will get tested on different occasions. Some games require the player to make proper inputs to move the character in different directions even better. These problem-solving games will serve as a fantastic medium for pushing your child’s limits. For parents wondering how to start coding with their kids, leveraging online resources proves to be an excellent approach. Various platforms provide high-quality content, including games and courses, fostering global participation. While the initial stages may seem straightforward, these interactive games progressively challenge the child’s coding skills, offering a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Multiple other platforms are offering a similar experience. Online courses cater to different age groups. For instance, preschoolers can avail themselves of courses that are crafted for their age group and use their tools for developing their skills. These online portals incorporate a user-friendly interface with coding content related to HTML & CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Ruby. Therefore, providing a set of tools and languages for children to learn online.

The concept of gamification in your daily routine has recently been in the limelight. And considering how dull and mundane online courses can become, many platforms have adopted a gamified approach to educate its users. CodeMonkey’s Coding Adventure is one such example. It initiates your child’s journey to learn an online course in a more interactive and immersive manner.

Summer Coding Camps

If your child shows a flair for coding, you cannot go wrong with enrolling them into a tech summer camp. Since almost every school has a summer program list, it would be wise to check any camps held near your place. Summer camps offer wide-ranging courses for ages 7 to 17. Many institutes are offering volunteer-led camps that educate children on building websites, games, and applications. Additionally, they also tutor the kids on modern technology and the tech that is soon to come. However, the free-of-cost price tag is what makes the course even more attractive, especially considering the classes take place across the nation.

FunTech serves as a fascinating example of summer camps in the UK. The institute allows students to delve into coding in a much more engaging fashion. Younger kids start with Lego and Minecraft, then proceed to more advanced courses. The camp requires your child to attend it five days a week, offering on-campus accommodation as well. However, the camp may undoubtedly prove expensive for most.

Tech Seminars and Events

In recent years, seminars and events directed towards the younger generation have become more common. These events strive to inspire children and build their interest in programming, gaming, and technology. Moreover, attending seminars meant for older kids will not hurt either. Not only will these seminars prove educational for you and your child, but they will also provide the opportunity to bond. So, how do you look for these events? For starters, National Coding events are held all around the world. Therefore, begin by looking for those events, followed by private and more expensive events and seminars.

While bearing in mind the current state of things, online seminars have become quite popular. Due to the pandemic, institutes have moved to online platforms for presenting these events. Thus, allowing your child to stay at home and learn coding from experts from various countries.


With the strides technology has made over the years, the demand for programming continues to rise. Programming is not limited to developers and programmers; it has become a necessity for different fields. Hence, making it an invaluable skill to possess, especially for the younger generation. Not only will it help their careers, but it will also allow them the opportunity to develop their games and applications. Supporting and encouraging your child to learn to code is vital. The mention of superb technical skills on their resume may reward your kid with the career they desire.

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