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How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress

Do you have a WordPress website, and you don’t know how to install Google Analytics on WordPress? It does incredible work on WordPress sites, and it’s good to install them. However, not every person may know the process. Don’t worry if you don’t know. Digital specialists from White Peak Digital will help you with the process. But, […]

The Capabilities of Modern 3D Printing

Additive technologies or Modern 3D printing involve creating an object that exactly represents a 3D model by placing material on a layer-by-layer basis. This innovation became a global trend. The main advantage of the technology is its resource efficiency. The losses of useful material are close to zero. Application 3D printers are not in every […]

B2B lead generation: strategies that work

B2B lead generation is a set of processes for identifying potential customers and then building relationships with them, aimed at increasing their interest in the product. As you can imagine, this process’s significance is enormous, and it must be permanent to bring maximum results. Simultaneously, the strategies for using B2B lead generation are different and […]


Continuous discovery, inventory, classification, prioritisation, and security control of external digital assets containing, transmitting, or processing critical data makes up an attack surface management (ASM). Attack surface control is currently a top priority for CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, and safety teams. Organisations are under increased pressure in modern market environments to embrace digital technologies to remain […]

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