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How Agile Processes Affect the Role of Engineering Manager

An effective manager of agile engineering is the one who is the main source of the development group. Similar to the groups of software development on the whole and the groups of agile – software development precisely, an effective manager is in a stable state of development and progress. The best engineering manager motivates their […]

5 Online Programming Courses For Beginners Getting Started

There are several online programming courses for beginners getting started with application development. According to recent data, employment in the software development industry is projected to grow over 20% by 2029. Indeed, this is much faster than the growth rate for many other occupations. Software developers are needed all over the globe to respond to […]

6 Groundbreaking Innovations of the IT Sector

Information technology plays an essential role in the success of society and organizations. We live in the age of information. Everything about us is considered valuable information that helps businesses and organizations operate. In these times, information technology’s role is to ensure quick and reliable information storage and access. Similarly, technological innovations of IT Sector […]

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