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How is AI influencing mobile app development?

From Skynet- one of the terrifying sci-fi super-villains, to Siri- your friendly personal assistant, AI rouses a whole spectrum of feelings inside us. However, irrespective of the emotion it ignites within you, it affects your life in more ways than you could imagine. Smartphones have become an irreplaceable part of our lives, and AI plays […]

Top 7 Sales Quoting Software That Will Help Close Deals Faster in 2021

You’ll often see words like sales quoting software, CPQ, and sales proposal software often used interchangeably. But all of these tools serve different purposes. Each of these products and services comes with its distinct capabilities and features required by sales reps. The right sales quote software will make it easier for sales reps to create […]

Power Digital Transformation with a Digital Integration Hub

Today businesses use digital interfaces to aggregate information from many back-end databases and systems. The way they manage data is constantly changing because they want to be able to use the insights from data. These insights can inform every aspect of a business, from hiring employees to offering a better customer experience. Digital transformation can […]

Few Reasons to Hire A Custom Web Design Company in Atlanta

While developing an eCommerce website, easy navigation and usability are few factors among many that you must consider. Your eCommerce website is your online shop. As such, web developers who are popular as Atlanta Web Design Company experts must be conversant with the latest platforms to retain clients and also make sure that they hit […]

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