Top 5 Reasons to Integrate A Mobile Payroll App [Payroll Guide]

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Self-service has been an essential part of the HRMS (Human Resource Management System) for quite a while now. It has many functions like allowing the employees to view and edit their personal data without the approval of the HR department.

The ever-growing and advancing technology have made it crystal clear there are numerous benefits to integrating a payroll software application like providing the employees the flexibility to handle their payroll, benefits, leaves, etc.

This has resulted in the rise of mobile self-service apps for payroll that makes it all the more convenient as all the data of the employees are at the tip of their fingers. They don’t need a desktop or laptop to access it, they can simply access it through their phones using the user id and password.

Below given are the top 5 reasons which will make a strong case as to why a mobile payroll application should be integrated by all companies-

Efficiency management-

A self-service mobile payroll app can let the employees take care of many vital tasks on their own such as the administrative payroll, benefits, salary slips, leaves, etc. With the help of a mobile payroll app, it becomes easier for the employees to access their payslips, make any update on their information, and see their performance growth.

This eliminates the need to handle all the paperwork manually, which in turn decreases the load on the HR department. With this available time, HR can focus more on the company’s strategies and prepare for its growth.

Environment friendly-

What’s more is a mobile payroll app eliminates the wastage of papers, and thus is environmentally-sound and organic. With global warming levels increasing day by day, there is a need to keep the environment in mind and make any changes necessary.


This is going to be a recurring word throughout the article, and for a good reason too. The ease of accessibility of mobile payroll software is just too big to be taken lightly. Employees can punch in and punch out easily through the app.

They can update their personal information, keep a tab on their performance, handle their leaves, etc.

Ease of communication-

The convenience of mobile payroll software apps can improve communication across the company significantly. From the lowest level of employees to the CEO, the system is available for everyone. This helps in reducing the vertical flow of information and lets everyone share their ideas.

Moreover, changes can be approved by the manager within a fraction of seconds, which can ease many processes such as shift change, leave application, etc.


When all the data is handled manually, some or the other file is bound to get misplaced. This can also result in a data breach if an important document gets stolen. Integrating a mobile payroll app can help in the prevention of loss of data. There is numerous cloud-based software where all the backup of the data is created. Even if the system or your phone crashes, you can simply access the data stored in the cloud by using your id and password.

It also ensures privacy as only you can access your profile, no one else.

Integrating a mobile payroll application will pull all the important day to day tasks together and make it convenient. It allows the employees to view their data, update it, download salary slips, view their leave status, and do many other things which otherwise would have taken a long time to be finished.

This saves the time and energy of both, the employees as well as the HR department.

Ankita is a content writer at Sage software Solutions Pvt. ltd. She writes HR focused blogs for Pocket HRMS software - one of the best HR solutions in India. She holds more than 4 years of experience in content writing.
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