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Business Technology

Remember the days when a typical business operated with employees working face-to-face or communicating vie email from 9 am to 5 pm? Sure, a few essential businesses continue to run the same. For many of us, however, this feels like such a long time ago! Due to the onset of unforeseen circumstances, many companies are conducting business remotely. This change caused a need for reliable business technology. But what is business technology?

As we continue to socially distance, our work is no longer kept in a single office environment. Our diverse range of remote offices requires the need for faster stronger technology to keep us together. Connecting digitally is critical to maintaining communications, collaboration, and working effectively regardless of your location!

What is business technology? It’s the innovative gadgets keeping us together. Here’s a breakdown of the best business gadgets strong businesses are using this year!

Intranet & Social Intranet

You’ve heard of the internet but have you heard of the intranet? It’s not a new technology in business but it’s becoming much more popular.

An intranet is a local and private communications network using World Wide Web software. Anyone with the proper credentials can log on and have access to it. Many businesses use the intranet as a secure form of communication and work for their organization.

One of the main purposes of an intranet is internal communication. Many use a management system that makes accessing and managing the intranet easy for those who are not tech-savvy. It’s an information-rich place perfect for sharing company announcements, updates, and teams.

The intranet is a perfect solution for any businesses that:

  • Struggles with keeping up on company-wide announcements
  • Have communication issues between employees and teams
  • Important info and documents get buried and lost easily
  • Have difficulty forming teams for projects
  • Lack of clear business standards and internal documentation
  • Have too much paperwork

Adding an intranet will boost your company’s communication skills and ensure everyone is on the right page.

Case Tracking Software

If you’re a service-oriented business, you need a way to efficiently keep manage support tickets. A case tracking system helps consolidate support tickets in a queue. This allows you and team to quickly find specific tickets and know which ones are still open.

Case tracking software also allows you to keep tabs on productivity and prioritize the most urgent support tickets. Your team can share notes, past services, client feedback, and more in the tickets to keep everyone in the loop.

Many service-based businesses have some form of case tracking software. If you don’t, now is the perfect time to upgrade.

Direct Messaging

One of the best pieces of communication business technology is direct and private messaging. This provides you and your employees with a collaborative space. You can quickly and effectively share information, ask questions, and stay connected during a project.

Most direct messaging software allows you to share files and save conversations for later reference. It’s incredibly handy for those working on long projects or experiencing a past issue.

Direct messaging software comes in a few forms including chat rooms and instant messaging platforms. Depending on your business’s and employee’s needs one interface may work better than the other.

Quality Cybersecurity

Moving to a virtual workplace offers many benefits, especially with today’s innovative technology and software. Regardless of how up-to-date your tech is, cybersecurity is a must. This includes antivirus software, virtual private networks, disaster recovery, and firewalls.

More businesses are moving virtual which is leading to more cyber attacks on those who don’t have effective cybersecurity. This puts any sensitive information at risk for attack.

Those lacking quality cybersecurity and backups are at a major risk for data loss, stolen information, viruses, and more. Should something go wrong, it will cost your business a lot to recover information if someone can recover it. Prevent these issues by investing in quality security and backups now, before it’s too late.

Forums for Discussion

Forums are a business technology that has been around for ages. While they may seem old, they’re proving to be a valuable part of most virtual workplaces.

You can have an open discussion about any work (or non-work)-related topic in a typically moderated environment. Forums help bring employees and management together. Those needing to disseminate information quickly to a wide group of people can do so with a forum.

Discussion forums also allow you to share and store knowledge. This eliminates repetitive questions as employees will have ready access to a knowledge base via the forum. You’ll have questions and answers available for when people need it.

Reliable Hotspot

No matter how great your business tech is, it’s virtually useless if you don’t have access to a reliable internet connection. Most people live in urban areas with fast reliable internet readily available. There are, however, a few who need to get creative with their internet needs.

The rise of virtual workplaces has led to a greater demand for hotspots. Hotspots are portable hubs with wifi access. They’re perfect for employees who are on-the-go or those who are far from reliable internet.

An added benefit is a hotspot is a more secure option than public wifi. Most phones can create a hotspot but this can quickly eat through your data and burn down your phone’s battery. Today’s latest mobile hotspots can last longer and connect more devices.

Internal Blogs

Blogs are popular for boosting SEO and sharing information on your website, right? But did you know you can use internal blogs for internal business?

Internal blogs are one of many great business technology solutions for improving communication. These blogs offer an informal place for employees and management to share experiences on a project or issue they encountered. Only you and employees will have access to an internal blog.

These blogs allow businesses to promote open discussion and share experiences. It forms a searchable knowledge-base and creates a permanent knowledge archive.

What is Business Technology? It’s the Future!

Have you been curious about “what is business technology?” With businesses turning virtual or opening up the option for remote work, business technology is fast becoming the future. Make your business run better by investing it quality business technology today.

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