Why is the Internet of Things IoT – the next big revolution?


Technology is developing day by day. Internet of things is concept that enables machines to communicate with one another as well as their human counterparts. This provides better efficiency, improved safety, and strong security connections. Number of devices has been growing rapidly and it is expected to exceed 50 billion by 2020. This is the main reason that many professionals refer to Internet of things IoT as ‘the next big revolution’. This revolution will change the perspective of communication with one another, including work, travel and other things. It will change the way of interaction with businesses and governments in the world.

If we talk about IoT, a network of interconnected physical devices of different kinds like vehicles, buildings, sensors, and machines, etc. These devices are known as ‘smart’ devices. These devices are used for the collection and exchange of data. IoT is a concept where embedded devices can easily connect with each other through the internet. It supports devices to communicate, collaborate and learn from each other’s experiences.

IoT plays an important role today in every industrial sector ranging from financial, hospitality, farming, manufacturing to technology. Here are some growing use cases in different industries:


Internet of things provides better communication, control system, and improved data distribution. With the help of embedded sensors and actuators, devices can easily collect and transmit the data in the network. IoT has improved the way transportation operates. Some key benefits for the transportation industry with IoT solutions:

  • With smart IoT devices, manufacturers and operators can collect relevant and essential data around the operational efficiency of the vehicles.
  • The future holds even more promise where autonomous cars can talk to each other leading us to an accident-free world.
  • IoT offers special assistance for analyzing the flow of traffic on roads through CCTV’s. With this, we can reduce the risk of accidents.
  • IoT helps the transportation industry by managing fuel consumption (real-time alerts for fuel thrift), smart parking and traffic control based upon IoT sensors.
  • By vehicle tracking system, we can easily integrate with RFID or biometric technology and also manage the temperature and load of the vehicle.


Technology has built new ways of farming based on Internet of things technologies. It will support the agriculture industry to enhance the productivity of farms and reduce waste. Internet of things is highly useful based on smart farming with conventional approaches.

  • Farmers can use the facility of GPS, soil scanning and data management with the smart approach of internet of things.
  • With the help of IoT sensors, farmers can check the temperature, light, humidity and soil moisture, etc.
  • It helps in automation of irrigation system and also reduces the use of resources like water and electricity.
  • IoT based smart farming- farmers can easily monitor the condition of the field in real-time.


IoT provides easy-to-access services to both credit and debit card users. It enhances the quality of decision-making while providing loans to customers. It also improves the efficiency of risk management. Banks can easily collect the data of their customers from devices. Banks can offer customers to use online services for maintaining transparency between users.

  • With the use of digital sensors and mobile apps, banks and other financial institutes can easily do the data analysis for their customers.
  • IoT and location services on mobile devices can track genuine use of cards saving billions to the banking industry
  • IoT helps track and enhance overall financial operations like saving patterns, budget planning, and balance estimation.


In the energy sector, IoT has already provided many matured use cases including lighting systems and smart grids. The industry now is seeing the next wave of home automation and industrial automation systems. IoT helps us to approach different techniques for consuming energy in a better way. The energy sector is a very large sector along with solar, wind, storage and other technologies and IoT is helping us to drive this big transformation.

  • IoT improves control over energy consumption and organizations can significantly reduce the waste which makes a good impact on the environment.
  • IoT minimizes human efforts and cuts maintenance costs through system modernization.
  • Internet of things makes every process automatic in energy plants with better efficiency using smart sensors.
  • Home automation devices and sensors along with smart lighting features are not only automating the user’s home but also improving overall energy consumption.


Internet of things has many applications in the healthcare industry. In pharmaceutical companies, EBR software has used to improve their business in an efficient and productive way.  IoT helps doctors and benefits patients in hospitals with advanced technology.  They can easily collect the data of patients and suggest they advance treatments for their health. With the Use of IoT, doctors are able to remotely care and monitor the health of patients. It also enhanced the drug management system.

  • It offers real-time information for making decisions and reduces operational costs.
  • IoT integrates with modern devices that integrate directly with the modern EHR systems
  • IoT sensors in handheld devices are making a giant leap already in caring for patients
  • Devices like continuous glucose monitoring are helping diabetic patients to control their insulin better and connect directly with the user’s phone and other devices.
  • IoT also offers remote patient monitoring and telehealth through telecommunications with the use of smartphones or smart body sensors.
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IoT driving user experience

Enhanced connectivity

Internet of things boosts the productivity and connection between various devices. It provides the ability for a real-time tracking system that helps you to save the efforts and time. Connectivity between embedded sensors and actuators also improves the tracking and sensing system.

Consumer Feedback

IoT based system improves the user’s experience with continuous consumer’s feedback. Quicker feedback from devices helps the developers reduce the iteration cycles and launch more likable products faster.


IoT can easily reduce the time and human efforts along with better results. It enhances productivity and connectivity. An automation system can easily detect the malfunctioning equipment and make it error-free in real-time situations. The automation system improves the devices and makes a better connection between users.

Internet of Things and Cloud

IoT devices usually low on physical resources to store data locally must rely on the cloud to stay connected and store relevant important information. Cloud vendors today offer different platforms for building and improving IoT solutions. Some of these platforms worth mentioning for your next IoT app,

1. Amazon AWS IoT – is a cloud-based platform that enables connected devices easily. It securely communicates with cloud applications. It can easily support several devices and trillions of messages and helps them to route those messages to AWS endpoints securely. It also offers security features and preventative security policies in the support of security issues.

2. Google IoT Core – Google cloud is a complete set of tools that connect and analyze data both at the edge and in the cloud. It easily improves operational efficiency. It offers seamless work with different technologies like Arduino, raspberry pi or other technologies. These are the main components of the google cloud.

3. Microsoft Azure IoT – offers an alternative solution from Microsoft. It provides better connections with windows and with other systems also like Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.

Internet of Things technology overall improves human interaction with machines integrated with connected sensors, gateways, and actuators. In the coming years, big data, IoT and artificial intelligence and cognitive cloud computing will connect more devices and humans across the world. IoT certainly is part of the current big technology revolution and will change many human lives in the coming times.  

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