Best 2020 Amazon Keyword Research Techniques

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One of the main factors in Amazon’s algorithm for ranking listings is keyword relevance. Using the right kinds of keywords is crucial to attracting the right type of audiences to your product pages, and can make or break your Amazon listings. So what is the best way to find out what the right keywords are for your Amazon SEO strategy? Here are some of the best Amazon keyword research techniques for 2020.

Check out the “Frequently Bought Together” Section

The products listed in the “frequently bought together” section are guaranteed to go hand in hand with the item on your product page. Snagging a few keywords from this section can help make your listing more visible to people who aren’t directly searching for your product, but that are searching for items that work well with yours.

For example, if you’re selling notebooks, it could be listed with pens and pencils in the “frequently bought together” section, and keywords like “writing utensils” and “journaling supplies” could be beneficial for you.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner is a free tool and is the best way to get keyword insights that are based on what people are currently searching for in Google. It’s easy to use-just type in a product name and click “Get Started” and you are well on your way to some incredibly useful keyword research information. This will give you an entire list of keywords to add to your Amazon product page.

See What Amazon Thinks

Use Amazon’s autocomplete function to your advantage and get some intel on what people are commonly searching for. Just like with Google when you start to type in a phrase and it finishes it out for you, when you start typing something into the search box on Amazon it will provide commonly searched phrases that include what you are typing.

While this technique is imperfect and requires some patience, you will find that taking some time to look into this resource can definitely be worth your while.

Think Like a Customer

On that same wavelength, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Take time to really think about what kinds of things people are searching for when they are on the lookout for your product, or what issue or challenge your product resolves. Thinking like your customers will help you find a number of great keywords to use for your Amazon listings. Explore Facebook groups and Google Trends to see how your item is trending, as well as searches related to your item.

Use the Amazon Keyword Research Tool

There are so many different keyword research tools on the market to choose from, but using one that shows you numbers based on the Amazon platform is what you want to go for. The Amazon Keyword Research Tool will help you to find out about product rankings, conversion rate identification, and more.

Check Out Your Competitors

It’s always good idea to keep an eye on the competition, but have you considered checking them out to see what keywords you could be using? Look at their titles and descriptions for keywords that you haven’t thought of yet and add them to your list.

You’ll also want to consider words and phrases that are synonymous with your product. For example, if one of keywords is ‘insulated tumbler,’ try ‘insulated cup’ or ‘insulated mug’ as well. The easiest way to find your competitor’s products on Amazon is to type in your own product’s name, and you’ll be presented with a list of brands and merchants selling the product.

Use YouTube to Your Advantage

While YouTube has its own algorithms and guidelines when it comes to keyword research, it can also prove to be extremely useful when conducting your Amazon keyword research. Use YouTube’s autocomplete feature, just as you used Amazon’s, to see what people are most commonly searching for in relation to your product.

Time to Get Cracking

Now that you have your list of resources for finding fresh keywords, it’s time to get going on freshening up your Amazon listings. Having right keywords can be the difference between a sub-par product page and a booming business, so take the time and use your creativity to find what will work best.

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