What Happened To KissAnime Website? Check Complete Guide!


KissAnime Website is a popular name in the world of anime fans for not just distributing free anime content but having a huge library. Though there are many free anime sites, KissAnime has 90% of the existing anime on the internet there to watch.With a record of 3.09 million sessions per day, KissAnime is truly one of the most successful websites of the time. But, sadly, the website is being unavailable for a few days. The question in the minds of KissAnime website followers, What happened to it? Check out our complete guide to know everything about KissAnime.

What happened to KissAnime?

“No information is available for this page.” or “Service Unavailable” or even “Cannot be displayed” are few of the message you and others like you are being greeted with when visiting the KissAnime website. A few discussion forums like Reddit have conferred that the official KissAnime website has gone under maintenance. As people on the website have been facing server issues from some time and have not been able to stream, the sudden website down seemed natural to the fans. But it is the long time that the website is taking for maintenance has started bothering people. So while the website is down for updates, there are others taking advantage of it.

Mirror Websites

In the meantime, some similarly named KissAnime domains have popped up on the internet which has led to a new confusion. Regulars have started questioning the authenticity of these websites. The doubts aren’t unreal because it is not uncommon for these types of websites to have mirror websites run by different authorities especially when the original one is blocked or down for some reason. Mirror websites from unknown sources take advantage of the time and quickly turn the heavy traffic towards their own website.

Few Mirror websites:

Has KissAnime come up with a new website?

The answer is No. The mirror websites are not developed or run by the original owners of the anime website. These are being run by other people and while it seems advantageous as an alternative, there are a few other things that need to be kept in mind while streaming similar websites. One of the main things to worry about is safety.

About KissAnime

KissAnime is known for many reasons. Apart from distributing free content, it has been on the news for its illegal distribution of content as well. KissAnime has been labeled as an illegal website that promotes piracy. The content available on the website is copied from Crunchyroll and Funimation through illegal means and distributed for free globally. Both the platforms are paid and are limited to certain countries, which is why KissAnime becomes a single dominated free source of anime and manga across the world with dubbed content and subtitles. Despite knowing the threats of visiting torrent websites such as this, KissAnime fans claim that the website is free of malware and viruses. 


As mentioned above, KissAnime is a torrent website that promotes piracy which is illegal almost everywhere. Though KissAnime is a website that specializes in Anime content, there are other similar websites that specialize in distributing movies in the similar way. All of which have been facing similar issues because governments of various countries have started taking actions against them in order to curt Online Piracy. Some of the KissAnime fans fear that the same has happened to their favorite anime website as well and has been taken down by the authorities due to being sued. 

In that case, it becomes clear that the mirror websites that have sprung up on the internet are not from the same authorities. Now that cannot be good news to the KissAnime users because the information that has been valid for KissAnime may not be true for them. Experts in the field have confirmed that these gogoanime lookalikes have not an unimpressive library but also not safe. It is thus being recommended to not trust them with even email ids forget card details. 

Best KissAnime Alternatives

  1. 9Anime
  2. Anime-Planet
  3. AnimeFreak
  4. Chia-anime
  5. Crunchyroll
  6. GoGoAnime
  7. AniWatcher
  8. AnimeLab
  9. Anime Frenzy


If speculations are true then expecting the return of real KissAnime is useless which brings us to the realization that the similarly named alternatives are not safe. It is highly recommended for the visitors to scan the computer with trusted anti-virus software to clean your computer off malware it has attracted due to the visit if any. Saying that it is also important for the users to know, that promoting piracy in any form is illegal which includes viewing. Many countries have strict laws against lawbreakers. Thus, KissAnime real or fake can pose threat to you in one way or another.

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