Why You Should Consider WordPress for Digital Presence?

why WordPress

why WordPress, WordPress, by far, is one of the most versatile CMS software when it comes to content management.

But is that everything that WordPress has to offer? 

Are you an enthusiastic blog builder or do you want a website for your business? No matter what your requirement is, WordPress is one of many platforms that can help you build an engaging website. 

If you’re wondering why we need to use WordPress as the best site builder option for you, then here are 6 solid reasons which convinced me that WordPress is definitely one of the most versatile website builders. 

Here are reasons why WordPress

1. WordPress has thousands of themes and plugins

While most website builders offer limited features and functionality, WordPress is an open-source platform where everyone contributes. It is a community-based website builder powered by the WordPress community and therefore, one can easily find thousands of plugins in its respective repository. Whether you want to add contact forms, perform SEO or create a listing on your website you can do that and much more by downloading and installing different plugins such as WP Reset if you need to clean your website and start fresh, WP 301 Redirects if you need to redirect old links to the new structure, WP Sticky if you need to make elements on your page sticky and many others. And that’s not everything that WordPress has to offer you because it goes beyond. You can easily find thousands of different amazing themes where you can pick one that can complement your WordPress website. 

2. WordPress is very easy to use for non-techy individuals

Another great thing about WP is that the platform is relatively easy to install. Imagine you are a business owner approaching a professional web design company to build you a thriving website and they offer you to build it on WP. Well, you might get the impression that it is very technical and that it can be hard for you to handle everything, but guess what, after the initial setup, handling the site is as easy as a cake. Almost everything can be done with just a few clicks and selections. As you familiarize yourself with the dashboard more, you can do so much more using just a handful number of clicks. 

3. WordPress Allows you to Easily Perform SEO 

While normal websites require a great deal of effort to optimize keywords within the content, with WP, keyword optimization can be easy peasy. You can optimize your content with your desired keywords using just a plugin. There are several plugins that you can easily find on the Internet such as the Yoast or All-in-One SEO. These plugins can help you perform effective SEO and take your website to a whole new level. Before you know it, you start seeing your content appear on the first links. And guess what, in no time, you will start seeing traffic incoming to your website and a lot more. 

4. WordPress keeps your website very safe & super secure

If security is your concern, well it is not anymore. With WP, your website is absolutely safe & secure. While there’s no guarantee for anything to be permanently safe on the Internet, WP still comes with a variety of security plugins that bolsters the security features within your website. Once installed, these plugins can provide the perfect security to your digital presence. As we are observing greater threats emerging in the digital landscape, our search for more robust solutions is becoming more and more frantic. With so many security plugins out there, WordPressers have many choices. With SSL being a standard requirement for any website, with the WP Force SSL plugin you can very easily configure everything you need to enable and configure SSL and the security options of your website.

5. With WordPress, you can create websites the way you want

Do you want to sell products online? Are you in need of a business website? Do you want to create a work portfolio or do you just want a simple review-based business listing platform? No matter what your requirement is, WP is the ultimate tool that enables you to create thriving online experiences. With WP, you create digital experiences that talk business with your customers. Do you know what is the best thing about using WP, you have complete liberty to do whatever you want on the website. You can change any facet at your own expense and you don’t have to worry about disturbing the website code or changing the aesthetics or making your website shut down. Isn’t that worthwhile? From the first moment you install WordPress, you can use a plugin such as UnderConstructionPage to set up a temporary page on your website and inform your visitors about your business and website. WP is very versatile and gives the user complete liberty. 

6. WordPress can handle every media without hassle

WP is also remarkable because it allows you to post all media types. And to do so, you don’t have to find ways to insert necessary links within the code of your website, in fact, you can do it by simply copy-paste the link wherever you wish to add the media content. For instance, if you desire to add a YouTube or Soundcloud link to your website content, you can simply copy-paste the link in the Editor and WP will automatically pick the content. Now don’t have to worry about finding ways to embed links as long as you’re using WP. Now, isn’t that the best option? 

So you see, WordPress has many engaging benefits and I have listed down just a few to give you an idea of why it is one of the best website builders. Are you interested in creating a website? Now, how about you choose WordPress because it’s versatile, free, and very easy to manage. If that doesn’t grab your attention, then I don’t know what will! Get WordPress now, and create remarkable websites. 

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