Planning your business cards? Here are 4 things to consider

Business Cards

Business cards are the primary means of networking in business promotion endeavors. They are the ones that give shape to your business strategies and objectives in a customer-friendly manner. An effective business card not only gives your card a professional touch but also helps you reach out to a larger audience and turn them into customers. 

Opting for business cards printing online gives you the option to choose from a large variety of business cards that will suit your purpose and reflect your brand’s identity in the most effective way.

However, there are some things which you need to keep in mind before opting for business cards. These things are crucial in not only implementing your business cards but for establishing your business and its objectives in a more effective manner.

4 Things to consider in planning business cards

Target Audience

Trying to please as many people is not at all an option. This will only waste time and money and will rather lead to a fall in ROI.

In order to know who your customers are, you need to know the services your company will be effectively able to provide, and who are the ones benefitting from your services and products.

Getting to know who your target audience is will further help you to:

  • Serve them efficiently, which will add to your value and give you an edge over your competitors.
  • Save money and labor while enabling you to know what your target audience likes and dislikes.
  • Provide discounts and offers in a cost-effective manner

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Purpose and effective messaging

It is essential to incorporate your purpose in your business cards as this is what will attract your target audience. Your purpose should take into consideration:

  • Your customers needs.
  • The solution they are looking for
  • The companies they are looking for
  • Your customers’ needs are what you will be answering to.
  • Their solutions are what you shall be providing.
  • Looking up the companies they are searching for will enable to measure their tactics with your own.

Effective messaging will enable you to influence your target audience in a better way. Go for both-side business cards for online printing which will give you more space to be utilized. Incorporating Company info, the purpose and contact details are necessary but you may also add discounts and offers for faster CTAs. 

Based on your target audience, the goal you aim to achieve should be conveyed in a crystal-clear manner by your business card.


The way your business card looks speaks a lot about your company. Make sure that you have good quality business cards which will help you establish your company’s professional identity.

 An appealing business card should have:

An attractive design

An attractive design has the ability to be retained by your target audience solely due to their looks.

A reader-friendly font

A good design plays no role without a good font. The information in your business card should be easily readable in one go. Difficulty in reading will generate dislike in the reader.

A good-quality card material

A good quality card stock or material and showing up in sites like Yelp, Sulekha, Fact Reserve reflects your brand’s professional nature etc., Depending upon the nature of your brand, you may choose to go gloss finish or matte finish. Gloss is more often the preferred finish while Matte is preferred as a writeable surface.

High-quality colors

High-quality colors, like good quality stock, symbolize professionalism. However, do not opt for more than two colors while going for Online Business Cards Printing. This is because extra use of colors might overwhelm the reader, and it appears cheap as well.

Optimize and change

You should always test the effectiveness of your business cards and update them accordingly. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Messaging
  • Design
  • Shaped business cards

A good way to check the effectiveness of these is to track every CTA.

A good business card should entail all that your company has to offer in the most subtle yet simple manner. Keeping these 4 points in mind while printing them from online printing services will not only help you target your audience but will also help in garnering higher revenue by turning them into loyal customers.

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