What to expect installing Total AV antivirus

Total AV antivirus

Total AV Antivirus is a full-featured antivirus software suite that offers great scanning, optimization, and speed-up features. TotalAV goes in both free and paid versions, so you can decide whether the free plan is enough for you or test the paid version. Its free trial is useful but can seem a bit limited, while the paid version provides some unique features that set it apart from some of the larger brands. Nonetheless, some of the paid features may be too specific, such as parental control or multi-platform support, for those who simply use one computer for personal purposes. However, even one computer with nothing grave on it requires security software, and Total AV will still be of use for it. 

Clear interface

In many online-reviews, the authors highlight the interface design in Total AV. Indeed, when you want to make a scan, the results of every scan are displayed in a clear and concise format, which makes it easy to understand what problems you have on your computer and instantly fix them. If you need to set up program, you will not have to search how to do it online, as an interface is clear and understandable. Installed with one click, there are a file manager, an improved firewall and a system bootloader, it also offers protection for your iOS and Android devices. Thus, you do not need any third-party help to interact with the antivirus, and it is quite important, especially for regular PC users. 

Variety of security features

Total AV provides protection and real-time monitoring of the whole system. It includes checking all downloads, links and executable files when accessing them. The announced protection is nearly excellent, especially because, with all its capacity, it does not slow down your system. However, Total AV is a relatively young company, and their reliability has not yet been proven in enough number of independent laboratory tests. Despite this issue, it made an outstanding start, as this software is trusted by millions of users and is generally very well tested. The main features users like Total AV for are as follows.

  • It saves websites you visited 

This feature protects your computer from phishing, namely fake webpages designed to steal your personal information and possibly billing data. This feature allows you to surf the Internet safely.

  • Anti-malware protection 

Total AV has a sophisticated engine that detects and removes malware, protecting you from infections and viruses. It works both for programs you want to install on your computer, for files you are about to download from Internet.

  • Email protection 

Apart from the points above, there is a specific feature of protecting your digital correspondence. The comprehensive Total AV software protects your email from attacks and information leakage, suggesting blocking users and emails, according to the contents of the very emails or addresses of the users.

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  • Data protection 

Experian’s privacy protects your personal data, such as payment information, social security number or address. You can enhance your online shopping experience and have peace of mind making another delivered purchase.

  • Firewall

Total AV builds a strong barrier protecting your system from unreliable external networks. Thus, if the network is not secure enough but you need to connect anyway, the antivirus will make sure your computer will not be damaged and your data will not leak. 

  • Password Manager

Although this feature may be installed separately as a browser extension, having one in an antivirus is still safer. With the antivirus feature, you can easily manage all your passwords in one safe and secure place.

Another reason this antivirus is praised online is its compatibility with multiple platforms and operating systems. There are many software options available on the market that offer accessibility for smartphones and tablets, but few serve them like Total AV. No matter which device or system you use, you can count on a ton of simple and convenient functions that are adjusted for your specific platform. Additionally, Total AV allows you to protect several devices of different types without increasing the price like its competitors. However, it is as well an option that goes into a paid plan of the antivirus. 

Total AV drawbacks

There are also issues that concern users and testing labs. The antivirus has several drawbacks that are related mostly to user experience rather than the security performance of the program. 

Reportedly, it has a low installation speed. Compared to its competitors, software installation takes a lot of time, even though it needs little user participation in the process. However, you do not need to install it every day, so, mostly, it has nothing to do with the overall performance of the antivirus. Another drawback is its low scanning speed.  Even if you want to make a fast scan, it will take at least 15 minutes to complete it. Also, the antivirus has a lot of pop-ups going on, which can be quite annoying. The problem is that there is little user can do about it. So you will just have to deal with it. 


Although Total AV is a relatively new product in market, it already has reputation of a reliable complex protection system. Its main benefits are the set of protecting features, most of which deal with your online activity. It is a major part of many users’ interactions with their gear, so there is never too much protection nowadays. Also, it is adjustable to almost any platform, whether it is a smartphone, a laptop or a PC and works great with macOS and Windows. Finally, Total AV has a clear and understandable interface, which makes it accessible to a user with any background. 

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