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Watch cartoons online: One of the most notable search topics is cartoons. A little less than 2% of search queries are devoted to them – 4.5 million queries per day. About the same people ask about celebrities or about food, and about three times more about cinema.

People are interested in various cartoon characters, songs, plot details, instructions on how to draw a character, and much more. However, most often they are looking for specific cartoons that want to watch. There are about 22.6 million such requests per week. They are set by more than 6.3 million different users – that is, almost 10% of the weekly search audience is looking for cartoons.

Popular cartoons

Most often, people are looking for watch cartoon tv shows. The most popular cartoon is the Russian series Masha and the Bear. Almost twice as much is asked about him than about the next most popular Puppy Patrol. Among Soviet cartoons, “Well, wait a minute”, among the anime – “Fairy Tail”. The popularity of full-length cartoons changes quite quickly – as a rule, they are looking more for what goes to the movies. However, among the most demanded are “Cars” of 2006 and “Frozen” of 2013.

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Pictures and ratings are based on spring data, when the Pokemon Go game has not yet been released and has not increased interest in Pokemon. So among the cartoon universes, Pokemon take 51st place, and the top 1000 most popular cartoons include three seasons: Pokemon: Indigo League, Pokemon XY: Journey through Kalos and Pokemon XY.

Popular cartoons accused of falling morals and morals

Many of today’s parents have one extremely serious problem: terrible modern cartoons. Angry, aggressive, painted scary, they teach only bad things – but in our times! .. Few people recall that in “our” times in cartoons it was about the same thing, only with a slightly different sauce. Yes, and this is not so important – we are talking about here and now, about chilling horrors and all that “bad” that is certainly instilled in young fragile minds when watching modern cartoons. And why children should definitely watch them.

As you know, the larger the closet, the louder the fall – so our selection includes 10 very popular cartoons, which are accused of falling in different ways – mores, tastes, and morals. Welcome to the bottomless rabbit hole!

1. Brave

Let’s start with the Disney cartoons. The Mouse House, as the largest and most eminent animation studio, gets the hardest and hardest. Something is wrong with them: values ​​are wrong, American covenants, strangers, and the image of a strong woman in general must be banned once and for all.

watch animation online, For example, Brave, Merida, Princess of Disney and Pixar. Her mother was right – you have to get married, stand at the bowler hat and babysit the kids cartoons shows. What freedom and independence, what are you talking about? Married by calculation is the right recipe.

But seriously: this is a cartoon about how important it is to listen to each other. How important it is to seek compromises and be able to put yourself in someone else’s place – even for this you have to get into the real skin. The conflict between fathers (more precisely, mothers) and children has always been, is and will be – there is no getting around it, dear parents. You need to be able to respect other people’s interests, or at least hear, and not pass by your ears. And you need not be afraid to change something bad and ossified in your life, and it’s about this that “Bravehearted”.

But to palm off on a mother a suspicious cake was really not worth it.

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2. Rapunzel

In the opinion of fiercely moral fighters in children’s minds, Rapunzel: A Tangled Story  is simply a storehouse of all the most negative. The robbers dare to be good guys with their dreams? Awful, we interfere with good and evil, there should be only black and white. And mother Gothel? But the child is sleeping and sees his own mother in a terrible demonic light after this cartoon!

But wait a moment. Even the youngest spectator instantly dares that Gothel is an evil stepmother, and the kind mother-queen, on the contrary, is glad with all her heart to her daughter, even without golden hair and superpower. What kind of stupid and near-minded children of six or more years should be considered in order to seriously believe that the image of an insidious “mother” mixes up with a real mother, somehow influencing the relationship?

In the meantime, this dashing adaptation of an old fairy tale teaches you to follow your dream, to believe in yourself, to be able to overcome the limits and get out of the sink. We will not even talk about sacrificial and beautiful love – Eugene is a thief, as you can! By the way, did you know that launching Chinese lanterns in a cartoon is also undesirable to show? They can provoke fires, so “no stars, Rapunzel, you won’t get out of here!”

Although the image of the old cupid is really somewhat controversial.

3. Cold heart

Especially many kicks and bayonets arrive to this cartoon. Stories about orphans are generally very harmful. Cartoons can be shot exclusively about children from complete families with ideal relationships inside, everything that goes beyond is corrupted by fragile minds. Orphan sisters? Execute cannot be pardoned.

A separate red thread in Frozen is the theme of “true love,” which the villains from Disney dared to hold between the sisters. How many copies were broken about Elsa’s orientation – even in her legendary song it is sung exclusively about the fact that society does not want to accept her … magic. Hmm, is there magic here? No, only continuous deep subtexts and nothing more.

Meanwhile, small spectators simply adore Elsa. For all slaughtered and timid girls who find it difficult to communicate with peers, she becomes a guiding light in the world of society. And this Anna with her piercing enthusiasm and sincerity is also a great example to follow, only for other girls, dare. “Frozen” really inspires and gives the strength of an army of young fans. But they’re not at all like the supporters are afraid to look for very bad trends in everything they see.

4. Puzzle

In fairness, we note that the “head” is often celebrated as an extremely positive cartoon from an educational point of view: it was not for nothing that psychologists thought about it for so long . But there is another opinion that it’s all in vain, and “Puzzle” is another “poisoned” Western product designed to stupor and pacify the younger generation.

The main object of nitpicking was the fact that only five emotions were allowed to control a human individual, and neither mind, nor ideas, nor any other subtle matters take part in the process. And five emotions each in a child, in an adult, and in a cat – that’s how people were equated with animals, Herods! To the bonfire.

Boring adults cannot understand that even with such a simplification of the personality scheme, the “Puzzle” remains a deeply psychological cartoon that allows children to visually see themselves “from the inside”. This is a cartoon, first of all, about how important it is to accept negative emotions, that without them – nowhere, and soulless, eternally joyful and completely positive logs are only in other cartoons, but not here and not in life. There are many stories about how the “Puzzle” helped autists to unearth something important in their outlook for communicating with the outside world. And even more – about how the cartoon helped ordinary children and teenagers to understand themselves.

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5. Zeropolis

Meet an ode to blind tolerance, seasoned with vulgarity and an abundance of forbidden references to the “adult” movie. Yes, in that order. Of course, tolerance and impartiality in our difficult times are dangerous things for children, yet they should know that citizens differing in one or another parameter are evil, and fragile girls have a place in the beds (and then be careful!), And not the police. It is even scary to mention vulgarity and references – nightmarish naked animals and reverence for The Godfather in the cartoon 6+ should definitely be prohibited.

By the way, one of the best cartoons of recent years is accused of all these manipulations. With an excellent basic idea about “believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of cones”, propaganda of positive thinking and the same impartiality.

“Zeropolis” is essentially a mocking parody of our modern system, and as a good parody is supposed to be, it has enough sharp, venomous jokes and “seditious” thoughts. But the children don’t care that it seems like a good mayor Zlatogriv is broadcasting about “everything is good in politics”, Judy is important for the children, despite all the achievements of recognition, Nick, who has taken the true path, and the heroes’s willingness to become what they really want to be. The rest is the background of our modern reality, yes, the very one that is outside the window in which all today’s children live, and your child too.

But for the sake of justice, we admit that on the way to the investigation, Judy really violated some laws and was not very pedagogically cunning.

Watch cartoons online anime

Cartoon shows are for kids. They’re likewise for understudies, young people, grown-ups, and anybody with a heartbeat, truly.

It’s actual: Animated stimulation is for everybody. Kid’s shows can teach, engage, occupy, or transport us away to universes that we could just envision in our fantasies.

The cartoons were part of everyone’s childhood, while only a few made this transition even among adults. Therefore, there are still many people who like to watch cartoons online from time to time. The problem, however, is that most cartoons are no longer on stage and can only be seen online.

Therefore, one of best things to do when you are bored i watch cartoons online as it also refreshes your memories of the past. It has also become popular with people, especially teenagers, because it takes them to a new world of colors and sweets, with a moral message that makes them totally addictive.

There are many websites where users can watch cartoons online free

Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online are listed below:

1. Hulu cartoons

This site is perhaps the best webpage to watch your preferred animation online for nothing and with no issue.

This site is exceptionally famous for its top notch recordings and movements. For utilizing this site you need to utilize a specific VPN and for that you can likewise get a PD-intermediary premium record from this site for nothing.

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2. Cartoon movies HQ

This site has a stunning rundown of animation motion pictures. It has the best kid’s shows you can ever watch online for nothing with no issue.

In this way, some of them are Batman, BEN 10, cte, Family Guy and so forth. As of late, this webpage has likewise propelled another component on which you can play online animation games also.

3. Watch cartoon online

This site is the best website to watch kid’s shows on the web and that to with no expense.

It additionally has an astonishing landing page including tremendous index of many kid’s shows, out of which some are uncle granpa season 2, teenager titans go, and so forth.

4. CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn is likewise like WatchCartoonOnline site, which offers you an easy to understand interface and top notch substance.

This is our list of similar sites like WatchCartoonOnline 2020, where you can find favorite cartoons and anime series online for free.

5. Disney Junior

This bright site is generally seen by babies. This site is over-burden with disney works of art like Mickey Mouse, Princesses and so forth.

More fascinating that alongside scenes, the site likewise enables you to mess around and exercises to keep your young ones occupied.

6. Nick Toons

This site is one of my most loved and best website to watch kid’s shows online for nothing. On this wonderful site, you can observe all scratch kid’s shows like, jimmy neutron, symbol, spongebob quarepants and so forth. Along these lines, I had by and by attempted this website to watch kid’s shows on the web and I confronted no issue.

7. Anime Toon

It has in excess of 100 animation appears in its database for every one of its clients. You can likewise watch kid’s shows and films on this site.

On this site you can likewise sort animation arrangement from various classes like activity, satire, experience, wrongdoing and show.

8. GO go anime

Go go anime is the superfast website to watch kid’s shows online for nothing. On this site you can discover practically any animation named in english.

Further, this website is likewise accessible all over world, so you don’t have to associate with any VPN to surf this webpage and you can make the most of your preferred kid’s shows online at greatest speed.

9. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is probably the best webpage like watch animation online free that enables clients to watch kid’s shows and named anime from their huge library.

Here you can appreciate boundless kid’s shows, anime arrangement, motion pictures, TV shows online for nothing in cartoons in HD quality or cartoon hd.

Likewise, you don’t have to enroll or pursue viewing the scenes as it is discretionary. You can see all substance without marking in.

I hope these sites meet your cartoon requirements and you can cartoons online stream the most popular cartoon show.

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