What Is VPN Network & How to Create Your VPN

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN network, is a technology that allows an extension of the local system over a public network. The exciting thing is to understand its advantages: Virtual Private Networks allow you to connect two or more offices of a company using as an Internet link, allowing employees of any company to connect from home, or that a user can access their home equipment from a remote site, such as hotel all this using internet infrastructure.

To make it possible in a secure way, it is necessary to provide the means to guarantee the authentication, integrity, and confidentiality of all communication. Hence the importance of having a Managed Service Provider with experience in networks that can guarantee security, scalability, and solutions adapted to the needs of the client.

How to create your VPN

First, it is essential to highlight that local area networks (LANs) are the internal networks of organizations, connected through an interconnection team since companies need to communicate via Internet with subsidiaries, customers or geographically decentralized employees.

The problem with these is the high vulnerability indexes to which they expose the company’s confidential data with the use of these networks. Therefore, VPNs are emerging as an outstanding solution at low cost and widespread among companies

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The VPN uses the system as a transmission medium Using a tunneling protocol. This term means that the data is encapsulated before being sent in an encrypted manner. Thus, Virtual Private Networks are created artificially for this purpose.

These networks are virtual because they connect two physical networks (LAN), and they are called private because only computers that belong to a local area network on one side of the VPN have access to the shared data.

Thus, implementing a VPN system provides a secure connection to companies for an economical price , so many companies offer solutions to SMEs based on this type of connectivity.

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are key in an efficient IT Infrastructure as they facilitate access to their applications hosted on the Cloud. Claranet’s managed VPN solutions offer you value-added services such as content management, international VPNs and Quality of Service policies, which represents a significant cost savings for your company.

The VPN network or Virtual Private Network show clear advantages to companies:

  • Integrity, confidentiality and data security.
  • VPNs reduce costs and are simple to use.
  • It facilitates communication between two users in distant places.

Advantages and disadvantages  of Virtual Private Network


The main advantage of using a VPN network is that it allows us to enjoy a network connection with all the features of the private network that we want to access. The VPN client fully acquires the status of a member of that network, thereby applying all the security guidelines and permissions of a computer on that private network. Thus, the information published for that private network can be accessed: databases, internal documents, etc. At that time, all Internet access connections from the VPN client computer will be carried out with the resources and connections that the private network has.


Among the disadvantages, a higher load on the VPN client can be mentioned, since it has to perform the additional task of encapsulating the data packets once again. This situation is aggravated when in addition, an encryption of the data is produced that causes a greater slowdown of most connections. There is also greater complexity in data traffic, which may have undesirable effects on changing the numbering assigned to the VPN client and that may require changes in application or program settings ( proxy , mail server , name-based permissions and IP number ).

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