How Mobile Technology Can Improve Your Business

Business Phone Calls

Mobile technology has revolutionized way that people find products, services and each other, it can also improve the way that you run your company. With better access than ever to online business tools, information sharing platforms and conversations with customers, you can streamline your daily tasks and spend time getting to know what your customers need and want.

Linking Devices

When you have a linked phone with members on your team, you can instantly share files and information without having to attach it to emails or have file size limits. You can find applications to do this through your service provider and even provide your team members with mobile devices or phone numbers to use for company purposes.

Mobile Business Tools

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, having a different mobile device for personal and business needs can mean carrying around a bag full of phones, tablets and laptops, especially if you are often on the road for sales. Equipping you and your sales team with a second number or separate account for a smartphone or tablet, like with Ninja Number, can reduce the number of devices that you have to carry as well as give you a much-needed separation of business and private matters. You can also get cloud-based software solutions and information access to answer customer questions or use your mobile device as a point-of-sale and inventory system.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement with mobile technology requires a different set of tools but can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you are optimizing your website for mobile devices, using QR codes to link customers to your app or website or even offering ways for your customers to pay with their smartphones, bringing your company to your clients can be an effective marketing tool. You can even offer chat windows on your websites to answer customer questions and engage them on social media with mobile games. For instance, you can put flyers or artwork with QR codes up around town for customers to scan and be entered into a drawing or take pictures with and post on social media.

Mobile technology can help your customers find your company easier, streamline your business processes and even let you take your sales tools on the road. This can make it easier to share documents and information with others in your company through linking devices, give you both a personal and business number for your smartphone and help improve your customer engagement. By taking advantage of latest innovations in mobile devices and capabilities, you are stepping ahead of the competition while making your job easier.

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