Best Practices For Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development, Combination of both native apps and web applications is known as Hybrid apps. The shell of application can connect to the capabilities that a mobile platform provides through a browser.

The hybrid apps are now well-matured and quickly deployable. They are also time-effective, which becomes an advantage. Also, it doesn’t require a separate coding. Coding done one will work for hybrid app development.

Coding is one of the important tasks which requires expert professional. The app development firms have adroit developers and prolific designer who can perform the task allotted for mobile app development excellently. 

Best Practices For Hybrid Application Development

Compact Code

Loading is an important task in the application. Keeping it smoother and quicker is the job of a developer. A developer has to keep code compact and lightweight, making an application run faster and take less time in loading.

There are third-party apps such as or that can help you in making HTML, CSS, and JavaScript minify or light files. Always lint your code after minifying it that refrains someone with malicious intent to get through.

User Interface should be Lightweight

The user interface is important because that decides the success of the application. It includes animations, graphics, shadows, gradients, and many more things that make the app look attractive and beautiful, but at the same time, it could slow down the application.

The few things you can do for making the UI lightweight are as follows:

  • Save on bandwidth by optimizing images using a CSS sprite sheet.
  • Avoid showing error pages
  • avoid Scaling images.
  • Create UI at the client-side

Avoid Inline Styling

Always create a new CSS class rather than writing in HTML tags. The styling changes will have to face a problem if done inline. The advantage is that if the styling is implemented in CSS class, it will reflect everywhere.

Wisely use of External Libraries.

It is a fact that the selection of external libraries will enhance the task and make it simple, but it should also be remembered that the selection of an external library should be made wisely. 

Also, you cannot trust the third-party application as you never know which libraries bring what bugs with itself. 

You never have control over third-party applications. So, you must always test and re-test the library before using it for your purpose. Any change in library or code of it from the makers of it could attract the re-implementation of the functionality. 

Tip: Use Zapto.js as your external library because jQuery may seem good and powerful, but it slows down the application.


Don’t assume that all web apps are hybrid applications. The developer commits the mistake of assuming the hybrid apps like web apps, but both the apps are two different things. 

Hybrid apps don’t involve a web server, which is a disadvantage because a developer could not take the architecture or framework of a web server. 

Building a Hybrid app is affordable as compared to native applications. It doesn’t require separate coding, which in turn saves a lot of time and money. 

Consider robust testing of the application

Testing should be done meticulously in case of hybrid application because any leverage in the app testing could end up with a mess or slow performance of an application. 

As a tester, you need to look into different aspects of an application such as design, load performance, functionality, and many more things before making an app available for the general public.

The unit testing for Javascript code is done through Jasmine, Mocha, and Karma. These are the reliable testing tools for a unit or batch testing. 

For testing performance, it is advisable to use Browser-Perf for it. For monitoring performance and response, you can use New relic testing tool.

iOS App Development requires meticulous research about different aspects of the app. Anything that makes human lives easier is accepted in the market. 


There is still debate which is the best: Hybrid or Native. 

Undoubtedly, hybrid apps are quicker to develop, affordable, takes less time in developing, and also offer outstanding performance, which is similar to native apps. 

The Hybrid app development is for the business which needs support or extension to their customer services. 

Try the above-discussed practices and craft a well-performing application that serves users need and generate huge revenue for the client.

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