Why there is a need to join the hackathon?


The concept of hackathon is very popular and well established among the people these days. Hackathon software helps people who are very much passionate about technology and want to work on the software related challenges can organize one or two-day long get-together. The challenges studied under this are often given by the sponsor companies which wish to earn profit from the results of the study that is being undertaken by the experts. At the same time, the companies hire new fresh talents for IT-related jobs. 

Benefits of joining hackathons.

Let’s have a look at some of them. 

  • A fantastic way of learning new opportunities: By joining this you can use the time to test a new skill or anything that will keep you motivated and focused in your life. During the time of the meeting, you will come to know all new advancements that are happening in the field, even you will asking silly questions in will also be encouraged. Every question is important though it can be silly as that question can change the thinking or will insist others think upon it.
  • Encourages you to come out of comfort zone: We all able to grow and become successful when we leave comfort zone and try to do something new. You should not be shy at any point in time, because if now you are working in front of tens of people in the future you need to work with hundreds or thousands of people and for this, you need to come out of your comfort zone.
  • Get to know the taste of a smart management team: Hackathon provide great lessons of efficiency of work. No one is perfect in their work, it is the time and effort that you invest in the work that makes you perfect. Working with the smart team will help find and switch on to the new solutions. Whenever you are working under pressure or you are taking some leads of the tasks, do share your views and take advice from the different personalities that are working in the smart team. You will learn many things from them.
  • Opens opportunities to new career choices: working on any new and existing project will help you to a career shift. You will be able to learn lot from the tech talks done by the other people in the meeting. Surely they will inspire you with your story. The large on-site hackathon have many features that help you to approach the representatives and directly learn from the workplace. It can be like a type of job fair that will lead to the recruiting of the people in the right place.
  • Create intense-networking with relevant people: During the days of hackathon, you will come across endless opportunities. You will come to know many of the people at a professional level. Try to be with them during the good breaks, team matching session, going for coffee together. It will help you to connect to a large number of people with whom you can build good relations with your good communication skills. 
  • A step towards entrepreneurship: Whenever you go to hackathons are attend online hackathons, you get many business ideas in which you can explore yourself. Sometimes the solution to someone’s problem that is being discussed there can become an idea for your business. All you need is to be very careful about all the things that are being discussed there. Even there you can form a team that will work with you to achieve a common goal of earning profit together. 
  • Catch attention to win: The most important part of your success is to create a nice entry in your resume that is quite different from others. Things that are different, generally get more attention. Once that different thing becomes successful then you will be able to win the hearts of many. 

So from all the above points, it can be clear that hackathon are a career booster. All you need to be aware of your capabilities and skills and have confidence in them. There no such thing that can’t be achieved and for that never underestimate yourself. There is always a scope to learn the new things. If any person says that he is new to the tech world, it doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to learn and invent new things in the future. It all depends upon them how to utilize their skills in the best possible way. Many initiatives are going on regarding the hackathons.

Here are some of the points that make hackathons worth attending:

  • They put stress on learning new things not competing: The biggest advantage of attending these is it helps the person to learn new things directly from the people who have invented them. They help you to polish your skills and offer you many new opportunities. These don’t tend you to compete with others that are present in the meeting.
  • Promotes work-life balance: It is believed that the person that takes proper rest, has the notion to create a world with innovation. The best time to take rest is at night, if a person is taking proper rest then he can promote his/her work-life balance. That will surely help to improve its job performance.
  • Provide support of mentors: Whenever we are starting something new, there is always a person that guides you that is the mentor. By attending hackathon you will be provided with the immense support of the mentors that inspire you for doing new work. These mentors will become a strong pillar that will help you to achieve your goals in life.

By looking at all the above points it is sure that hackathons provide many benefits and are worth attending as well. The world needs innovation and these hackathons help the people to establish such skills that can be used in changing the world with new ways of doing work. Be the new change for the world.

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